In Pursuit of Center - [VESSELS] Kris Seto + Shoey Sun

"In Pursuit of Center" From Feb. 2015 as part of Mare Nostrum Elements' Emerging Choreographer's Series (Queens, NY) Choreographed by: [VESSELS] Kris Seto + Shoey Sun Danced by: Malcolm Buchanan, Cara Diaz Certosimo, Maja Keres, Dan Lai, Hector Lopez, Kris Seto, and Shoey Sun. Music by: Johnny Magee

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2016
Category: Performance
Keywords: VESSELS Kris Seto Shoey Sun
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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 15
75 points


#11 Amazing choreography and dancers
Really enjoyed the performance!
#10 Talent dancer
I love it. I much admire the young people which have talent for dancer. Kris and Shoey should proud of their dance.
#9 Beautiful!
I love how this performance illustrate how vulnerable people are with hand gestures and limited lighting.
#8 great performace
extremely interesting choreography and very talented dancers. Love the performance.
#7 Wonderful Dance
Great choreograph!

#6 Beautiful dance
Enjoy watching!
#5 Amazing!!!
Love this performance. Watched it so many times. Very talented choreography and dancers!
#4 Awesome!
Such great use of lighting!
#3 Intriguing!
so much could happen in this small lighted area. Very attention-catching!
#2 More please!
Saw this performance live and was immediately a huge fan. Love the concept and choreography. Dancers are super talented. Would love to see more. Best of luck!

#1 Amazing Routine!
Beyond the choreography, there's so much humanity, trust, and honest interaction here. Kris and Shoey are truly great.
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