Emerald Green Trysts

Choreography(reh) By Brandi Halstead Safford aka Ms.Killer B of Insectmind and Pacific Northwest Ballet Music electronically composed By Israel Gravning aka MKS Insectmind artist. Dancers From The professional division and company of Pacific Northwest Ballet

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#4 wow
wow I haven't seen a dance like that before. You guys looked so together and connected! It was like you were dancing as one, and every extension was coming from both of you!! It was really cool!! :-)
#3 beautiful
Good work my daughter.
#2 ...
#1 Ballet to Dubstep!!!
Beautiful Brandi Halstead Safford aka Ms. Killer B and company! MKS aka Israel Gravning and his dubstep tune Riddim Affair with these two amazing dancers from Pacific Northwest Ballet is something I believe in keep on with the thought "Bass the world" Sending Love Amalie
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