Choreographer Ryan Lohoff (Hollywood Vibe Convention, Live To Dance Finalist) and Los Angeles based Rithem Dance Company, present a West Coast influenced tap piece to "Kamikaze" by MØ. This rhythm based style of tap choreography focuses on molding traditional tap techniques and patterns to create a synchronous and harmonious blend of tap sounds and music. With Ryan being a versatile dancer himself, you'll also see influences of house and hip hop dance styles.

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Overall rating: 4.8
Votes: 33
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#12 Kamikaze
Crazy tapping fun! Musicality is tremendous.
OUTSTANDING.... Inspirational and So FUN to watch. My daughter, age 12 a TAPPER wish she could be there,... this is SO GREAT! Thanks
#10 Amazing!
I enjoyed every single second of this!! Love it!
This is what tap is all about. LOVE the style, energy and funk! Bring it!
#8 #Amazingandfun
So much fun! And such great energy! Great for everyone to watch and makes you want to join them.

#7 Spectacular!
Awesome choreography, great energy and great musicality!!! LOVE this!!!!
#6 Kamikaze
Amazing new Tap Company that continues to bring the art of tap into the 21st century and infuses the talents of film and music editing. Good luck!! Thank you for inspiring the next generation!
#5 Love!
Wouldn't it be great for Tap win the ACE Awards!!!!
#4 Kamikaze
#3 Kamikaze
WOW!! Love <3

#2 Amazing!
Innovative, stylish and fun!
#1 Awesome
Love!! Jill & Kaley Cox
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