Will You Love Me Tomorrow | Erin Pasko

This contemporary piece, choreographed by Erin Pasko, features a group of girls feeling as though their lovers' affection is not exclusive to only them. Worried that their significant other is engaged in affairs with other women, the girls enter and exit through the door feeling and displaying a spectrum of emotions and wondering if their lover will still love them tomorrow. *Film by Anthony King of Monoculture Films.*

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Overall rating: 4.8
Votes: 19
92 points


#12 Seacoast Dancers
What Beautiful Dancers! I loved this dance! Good luck girls!
#11 Good luck
Will still love this dance every time I see it!
#10 Wow
What a wonderful dance. The girls are amazing
#9 Seacoast
beautiful dance! Love to watch the seacoast dancers take the stage
#8 Seacoast
Beautiful dance

#7 Love this
What a beautiful dance!!
#6 Beautiful
Beautiful dance
#5 Seacoast Sistas 💙
Love you guys!!! SEACOAST YOU KNOW 💙💙💙
#4 Seacoast You Knowww
Best of luck to these ladies!!!!!!!!!
#3 Love
Just love to watch this dance!

#2 Beautiful
I love this group of dancers they are amazing, good luck girls!!!!!!♥️♥️♥️
#1 Amazing
This dance gave me the chills, saw it in person when competing against this group and it is truly spectacular, good luck ladies!
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