Lose It

Koin & Co Dancers, directed by Ali Koinoglou, presents a piece about betrayal. "Lose It" depicts the emotional realization and devastation of being hurt by someone once held close. This piece breaks down the innocent, blind eyed trust we have in the people who only want to use us to get ahead. "Lose It" was originally created with a different intention and we have redone the piece to reflect recent events in my life. Please enjoy our piece "Lose It." Music by Oh Wonder. Danced by: Bella Tenaglia, Bekah Howard, Jackie Torres, Tina Motoki, Kai Yarborough, Lindsey Weissinger and Amber Poppe.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2016
Category: General
Keywords: KoinanCo Ali Koinoglou Lose It Oh Wonder
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Overall rating: 5.0
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#7 Congratulations!!
An amazing work and what an awesome group of dancers!! So proud!!
#6 Represent Ladies!
Extremely proud for all of your hard work and dedication to this piece, so proud of you all for this video. <3
#5 KoinandCo!
so proud to work with you and these beautiful dancers! congrats guys! xo
#4 Very Proud!
Congratulations Aline, great video lovely dancers!
#3 music choice
rocking it with the Oh Wonder remix

#2 Lose It
this is incredible i'm obsessed.
#1 YES
LOVE this song.
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