going under

my improv to the acoustic version of going under. comment please! :)

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Overall rating: 2.0
Votes: 4
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#8 the space
I think this could have been better if it was in a different space, but besides that I think it was good!
#7 your video.
Seriously what are you doing? Good leghold by the way.
#6 constructive critisizime
ummm...ok...did someone choreograph this dance or is it improv i can't really tell.the bed was a bit to much and sorry but it kind of looks like you are sleeping and have a bad dream. you need to work on your technique and choreography and it will be good. there is to much rolling and floor work. add more turns and leaps and. but continue to keep up the good work!
#5 uh
That doesn't look like dance at all to me. I'm sorry
#4 might not work
i knw ur intent is improv, but wat ur tryn 2 do doesnt wrk in a bedroom. this isnt to critisize or nything. also u should straighten ur leg a bit more. but ovrall pretty good!

#3 errr..
maybe stay away from the bed. and use the floor more.
#2 umm
I'm with DNCEDEMON666... you aren't really dancing. If your tilt extension hadn't been in there I would have thought you were making fun of dancers.
#1 um...
you are literally rolling around on a bed and thrashing on a bureau in your parent's bedroom. this needs to stop
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