Wendy Perron and Theresa Ruth Howard on COMPLEXIONS

Dance Magazine editor in chief Wendy Perron and contributing writer Theresa Ruth Howard discussion the Complexions program from the 2008 season at The Joyce.

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#2 Here's the thing
I am by my very nature provocative, (read some of my writing and you will see that VERY clearly).I have a wicked sense of humor, love irony and the turn of phrase.However don't mistake my delivery for lack of depth.I form my opinions after careful thought, observation and investigation. Look this it's about creating discourse about matters. It's called "See and Say" it's not a review, it's a commentary. Look,I may not be deep but you can drown in 2 inches of water, go figure! happy new year
#1 Complexions
I attended the Complexions performance at the Joyce and have followed the company for over 15 years and enjoyed it tremendously. In fact the duet set to U2 brought me to tears. It's unfortunate that his genius is often lost on "critics" can't grasp the meaning of his work or appreciate his brilliant choreography. Ms. Howard appears to be more interested in making a name for herself by being 'provocative'. However she's is, to use her words 'scratch & sniff' - nothing beyond the surface.
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