Learn a Tap Step from Anthony LoCascio II

Better Version of my newest video from my Learn a tap step series. If you like what you see visit me to say hello and request new steps on my Danceregister page. I do NOT contact dance students or Dance parents on Myspace or Facebook. Thank you. Tap w/u Soon, Anthony LoCascio

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Overall rating: 4.8
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This is an amazing video!! I wish that I could tap like this!! This video is clear and easy to learn from.
#3 aaaaawwwwwweeeesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This video is awe-inspiring!!!!!!! I was so lucky to be taught by this amazing man in person. I wouldn't miss this video for the world! It's great!!!!!!!!!!!
#2 Great Instructor!
This step is very fun! I love that his instruction is so clear and his steps so sharp. The pace was perfect. I hope he posts more soon!
#1 nice class
i loved to watch your dance. i studied tap a long ago and just for 6 months. my shoes are still waiting to return. thats a good video. thanks for the class!!
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