"French Twist", Trio Rehearsal, Choreography by Ma Cong

"French Twist", This is one of the section from choreographer Ma Cong's recent creation at National Choreographer Initiative 2008, it performed on July 26th at Orange County. Dancers are from different ballet companies in the states, this video is filmed from one of the rehearsal.

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#6 super cool choreography :)
I like the the way the dancers move their bodies. Amazing choreography, I loved every second of it!
#5 omg!
i love this! it is so cute!
#4 great dance
i love that dance unique and goood
#3 my favorite on the site!
you gyes did awesome! i love it every time i go on the site i have to watch this, its my favorite! whats the song name though?
#2 great!
that was really good! i know now what Ballet4ever is talking about.. its really good...

#1 It's breathtaking!
U guys are almost always in unison with each other.
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