"The Dancer's Way" by Linda Hamilton and New York City Ballet

Dr. Linda Hamilton, the long-time advice columnist for Dance Magazine, talks about the new book she wrote with New York City Ballet. The book, "The Dancer's Way", is on sale now.

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#3 Where to buy it!
I ordered The Dancer's Way at It's full of really useful tips like which exercises create bulky muscles.
#2 interesting
so as iam a dancer too , i think that book must be very interesting for me , but i don't live in the USA and how can i get that book?
#1 I'm so grateful!
This is a wonderful time to be a dancer. There is so many more support for us to be healthy dancers. When I was in my prime--1970's--I was told to avoid other exercise as it would interfere with my placement. I was also told to eat no more than a salad a day so I could change my mesomorphic body into an ectomorphic body (now I realize this is impossible). I'm still dancing and all the healthy support and advice is so helpful. I enjoy myself so much more now. I accept myself more now.
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