Apologize By One Republic

Hi Im Amy Walsh. Im 13 Years Old. I Make Up My Own Dance Moves And Dance Routines Since I Was 8. Thank You For Watching.

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Event: 2009 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
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#14 awesome!
You are so good, but u need to stop playing w/ your hair. And sonjall, if u can't even spell I wouldn't be 2 quick to point out all the thing that are wrong with someone!! :(
#13 Yeah...
Nice spirit! Keep dancing your heart out!
#12 Sweet
I like that you make up your own moves. You need a bigger space so you can really show us what youre all about.
#11 Cool
I enjoyed this dance video. You definantly need a bigger space. Other than that it was great!!! I give it 2 thumbs up!
#10 sry
bigger space and change the song to more of an upbeat song... i can tell u love dancing though.. dont get ur hopes down

#9 well ..........
everyone is right your not seen if you had a bigger space and you need to stop messing with your hair and your to choppy it needs to run together i know its hip hop but join the move's even if there sharp and you wont get so meny rood mean stupid comments don't listen to some of them you could be great just smooth the move's and dont touch your hair!!!! be safe be happy dance love to dance not to impress for you :}
#8 space??
we can't really tell what you're doing. try a bigger space cause this video isn't really very flattering(: but who knows.... i bet you are awesome in real life(: and i agree with danceislife1 too.
#7 Ummm
I Was Taught That By My Cousin. I Do Choreograph Though But Ya My Cousin Is A Hip Hop Teacher.
#6 sorry girl
not trying to affend you but those classes are SO not working. And that is not hip hop you are just jumping around and moving your arms badly and off beat. And you are kinda always doing the same thing. so maby you are an ok dancer but a horrible choregraper. and i never see your feets. but do yourself a faver and learn how to dance before you add videos. People are just laughing at you. sorry
#5 Actually....
I HAVE BEEN TAKING CLASSES! Ive Been takin Hip-Hop For 5 Years Now. And Im On A Competitve Poms Team. So Obviously You Dont Know How To Do Do Hip Hop. Except Casey :)

#4 wow
#3 What....
why are u guys being so rood she is a good dancer alest she can make a veido and dance in her room i now i can't do that!! u are a good dancer!!!!!!!!!~ GOOD JOB
#2 Apoligize
Good lipsync but dance? Who knows?
#1 Uh...
We're all entilted to dance in our bedrooms, but I don't suggest taping it. Sorry, not good.
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