Katlyn Tap Solo Age 8

Tap Solo Age 8 - Hall of Fame Won Gold and special awards for perfect taps

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Event: 2009 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: General
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Overall rating: 4.2
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#22 Not in Age Range
Cover models must be between 15 - 25 years of age, per the guidelines.
#21 talent
lots of talent for someone so young
#20 cutie pie
Does a great job of facial expressions
#19 fun
I like watching this little girl shes a natural performer and will do real well as she continues to perform at other venues
#18 costume
The more I see her the better she portrays the two parts

#17 beginning
omg i keep watching this video because that part in the beginning is so cutteee! ur a rly good tapper! u have a natural ability to become the part
#16 sweet
it is god but i think ur suppposed to be 13+
#15 littledancer
Keep the hard work up, awesome job....
#14 dancing
She does well getting into the right moves with the music
#13 Smiles
This little girl really loves what she does

#12 littledancer
Awesome costume, very original. I love the song and you dance the character well, love your facial
#11 dancer
Really great job for her age
#10 Not a cover model
The Cruella wig and costume, red neon tights, and boots are not attractive, or flattering for her body type. It is too distracting and detracts from the performance, which is stiff.
#9 you rock
hard work pays off
#8 Excellent
Thats my girl - young and excellent.. You go girlfriend

#7 Great Young Dancer
You are great for being so young
#6 age
She's doing quite well for her age
#5 real kooool
Pretty good for someone so young
#4 Great Job
Watching Katlyn is a joy. She is a natural.
#3 Katlyn solo
What talent and pride in a young blooming dancer

#2 Katlyn Tap Solo
Katlyn's solo sure is awesome... A great dancer.
#1 awesome dancing
I loved the solo and duet. Your a amazing tapper.
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