Ultra Light Beams

showing the journey of individuals and their struggle to keep going while having to rely on each other and their faith in whatever they choose to believe in to keep them pushing towards what they want or their "light" if you will. Hope you enjoy!!!

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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 20
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#5 Ultra Light Beams
Love Caleb's choreography. So emotional, you really feel his message through the dance.
#4 Ultra light beams
Story telling at its greatest !
#3 Ultra Light Beams
The choreography is a great representation of the story and his passion. So much talent!
#2 Ultra light beams
Great video.
#1 Ultra Light Beams
Absolutely Love Caleb Brauner choreography. His choreography speaks to everyone at an emotional level. I feel Caleb Brauner is the choreographer that should win.
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