Paquita variation

Me dancing Paquita variation

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#10 :D
where do you dance? You were very good!
you are just....WOW!!!!!!!!!!
#8 coolio
Wow you are really great. Keep at it
#7 =)
The only critiques I have are your arms and sometimes your fluidity,but besides those two things,Great Job!!!!!
#6 Very Beautiful
This is very graceful. I know its a lot harder than it looks, and you did very nice job! Keep up the good work (it will pay off one day :) bravo!

#5 (:
niiiice!!! roll through your feet and you will be ah-mazing. you rock my sox!!
#4 Nice Upper Body
Your upper body expresses grace and femininity beautifully. Your technique is not quite there and yet I see the seeds of perfection in your movements. Keep up the work with that wonderful passion you obviously feel and articulate your turn out and feet with great intesity (not strain). You will certainly master this difficult piece. I would recommend picking up this variation again in a year or two. It will be a great mirror for your growth. Remember dance is a process.
#3 Thanks
Thank you sooo much for your comments !!! Ballet is hard, and it's very comforting to get compliments because it's such hard work !
#2 Great
I really enjoyed it! you have really good technique and your attitude turns were great :)
#1 Beautiful
Stunning technique, great emotional connection, and so much strength! Bravo!
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