Photograph.. a contemporary piece

Contemporary instructional piece danced by 10 year old and choreographed by Traci Skinner Dance Universe

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Category: Instructional
Keywords: Contemporary, age 10
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Overall rating: 5.0
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#15 Very nice
I can see your talent, very nice moves.
#14 Graceful
It's wonderful to see young talent, great performance!! keep on dancing.
#13 Dancing
Amazing performance!!!!
#12 Graceful and strong
Wonderful to see you sing and dance, you bring a smile to my face, great technique and choreography, you left me breathless
#11 Dance
I wonderful performance was excellent form and technique !

#10 Papous girl
Kouklitsa mou esi.
#9 Talented Girl
Voice? Done, Dancing? Done. What's Next??? ☺️
#8 Wait a sec
I remember you, Over the rainbow girl? Man, ya got THE MOVES.
#7 πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Great dancing
#6 Very nice.
Excellent dancing, great choreography.

#5 Tasia14
Beautiful dancing by a very talented girl!
#4 Love
Her Dancing is simply exquisite ❀😘
#3 Moves
Her moves are so smooth and relaxing. So talented for her age!!!
#2 Excellent
It is so great to see your growth. I am so proud of you.
#1 Victoria
Such an amazing little dancer. So compassionate!
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