Space Between

The dichotomy of a personal relationship is exposed in this piece.  The constant push and pull between the pairs of dancers demonstrates the turbulence in the partnership. The purposeful thrashing, chaotic, and tumultuous movement of the dance ends in emotional exhaustion.  The individual is defeated and trapped as a prisoner in the stalemate of the dysfunctional relationship.   Dancers: Megan Mayer, Lauren Fleury, Rachel Kuelthau, Sydney Budelier, Claire Mattson, Lauren Posick, Gabby Stadler, Savannah Brown, Malory Strehl, Tori Skaggs Music: Space Between, Sia

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2017
Category: General
Keywords: space between Christa Smutek contemporary Sia dance
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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 61
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#15 Space Between
Beautiful choreography and execution
#14 Space Between
Great story telling!
#13 Space between
Impressive Choreography
#12 Great choreo!
Love this piece.
#11 Space Between
Haunting and beautiful!

#10 Space Between
Captivating choreography! Excellent work Christa.
#9 Space Between
Christa simplified a chaotic, turbulent and dysfunctional relationship in graceful movement called DANCE. Awesome!
#8 Space between
So Moving
#7 #6 Space Between
Wonderful job Christa!
#6 Bring this to ACE!
Christa Smuteks choreography is refreshing, intelligent, and thought provoking

#5 Space Between
Love how this creatively told a story Christa!
#4 Space Between
Beautiful choreography and dancing.
#3 Space Between
You can really see the story unfold!
#2 Space between
Brought the music to life! Incredible.
#1 Space Between
Love this choreography!
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