i made this dance for you.

i fell for you. no idea. no perception nor projection. just you. i question, was it kindness? was it care? was it you? and it was and still is. your smile and quirks. soft words and quiet lips. gentle honey stuck skin. touch warming, nails bleeding. a red mess of roots etched in entangled vein. fleeting, leading back to you. but im tired of words failing. im tired of the quiet hurting more. im tired of falling beneath your wall and your time. your lips stained pink seeping concrete cage until i was yours. this was our song and this was your heart. it only took five. five moves to checkmate, falling limp in our if. and im somewhere between floating and drowning. blue. i wonder if its fear that cradles you or him. a fear that i might heal. that i might be right. a fear that it could be me. i made this dance for you because you should feel the things you do when watching. waiting for your hand in mine. and maybe i dont know love but.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2017
Category: General
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#1 beautiful journey
Beautiful movement art that took me on a journey.
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