Close your eyes and try to visualize the immeasurable, erratic movements inside your brain. Now imagine being able to take that movement, exactly as it was in your brain, and bringing it to life. Here is my attempt, at just that.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2017
Category: General
Keywords: Contemporary Fusion Contemporary Dance
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Overall rating: 4.9
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#10 Intricate...
You have captured the meaning of this oxymoron Simply-Intricate...Beautiful...Love it!
#9 When people say dance isn't a sport...
The athleticism and control these dancers portray is absolutely unbelievable! As a personal trainer with clients ranging from 15-83 years old, male and female, beginner to advanced levels, and with 18 years of dance experience myself, I can say with full confidence how hard these ladies have worked. This choreography is not easy and they make it look so smooth and effortless. Brava ladies (and gentleman... Morgan) haha you KILLED IT!
#8 Luuk Out
Great energy. Very unique!
#7 Speechless!
With 18 years of studio training... I am sad to say that I was never able to perform in a company such as SueMo. The art that they create is like none other & LUUK OUT is one of the most unique, creative and innovative ways to fuse the hip hop and contemporary styles. SueMo is pushing the boundaries of dance in the most incredible ways possible. I look forward to the progression and success of these dancers - true artists!
unique work by a fantastic choreographer

#5 luuk out
mad dope
#4 LUUK Out
Simply amazing. Such a standout piece.
Unlike anything I have ever danced in before. Love performing this piece!
#2 Luuk Out
The energy in this piece is amazing. I love how it grows. Excellent work!
Bravo! Love the movements!
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