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My name is Barbara Börczi. I started to hold classes 3 years ago (which I named Spirit) where we, the dancers was talking to each other, not dancing, and that way we gave motivation for each other. Then I started to put it into dance, and I started to do Experimental sessions. On these classes everything can happen, dancers create the line of the class. It’s like a led meditation, then led freestyle with a huge range of tasks. In the end everybody goes home relieved – either the theme was sad or happy. This kind of class is mainly freestyle and contemporary, but as my dancers say it gives them so much more. Oriana from the Royal Family participated in one my experimental classes, and after my class she came up to me and said: „I have never experienced anything like this in my life, thank you for that for ever.” It’s really hard to tell the process of an experimental class, because it’s always else, but the main thing is always the MARRIAGE of SOUL and BODY and the MUSIC, and these moments remain for ever in the hearts of the dancers. For that, you don’t need qualification, you don’t need nothing, you only need a dancer who is tired, frustrated or happy enough to say that he/she participate on that and switch off his/her mind at the end of the day.

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