Behind the Scenes with Emily Kadow

Take a behind the scenes peek at Dance Spirit's March 2009 cover shoot with prima in the making, Emily Kadow.

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#9 Wow
Shes only sixteen? thats SO cool! i went on pointe month ago when i was ten! i started dancing only a few months ago. my teacher says i have really good strength and my arches are so high. Wow she is amazing. how did she get on the cover of a magazine at sixteen?
#8 you are going to be a star
#7 you are going to be a star
#6 wow
wow she is amazing! and she is 16!
#5 Uhhhh...
you look like your 12, if you are tht is so amazing what you can do!

#4 wow
how old are you? I just went on pointe and I'm 10. Your arches are so amazing! extensions are gorgeous.
#3 Amazing
She is sooo good. I even have that magazine!!!
#2 just wondering
how old is she?
#1 Can't wait...
to see more from Emily Kadow! Love the video and the article in the March issue. Emily - you are a beautiful!
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