"Not Afraid" | Caleb Brauner Choreography

Hello All. So yeah this is my submission for the Ace Awards 2019. These past few years between the last time I submitted has been some of the most up and down and around years of my life. Through everything you really do become super educated on yourself and because you become educated on yourself you also become educated on your art. This piece inspired that sole journey. That long walk and road in life that sometimes you feel you're taking alone. This year with my grandma passing away was one of the hardest years I've had since my dad passed away in 2013. My grandma was the one who initiated me into dance and if it weren't for her I would've never stepped foot on a floor. From losing two of the most influential and supportive people in my life I've gained so much perspective and outlook on that exact topic: LIFE. This dance is about that. The thought of you walking this journey feeling alone, and sometimes going down the wrong path, and that struggle of listening and trusting people to help you and get your hear, your head, and your life back on straight and then at the end no matter how many bumps you may encounter along the way, knowing you're strong enough to stand on your own, when the time may call for it. Hope you all enjoy!!! Direction: Caleb Brauner Creative Direction: Caleb Brauner Chief Editor: Austin White Co-Editor: Caleb Brauner Choreography: Caleb Brauner Videography: Austin White Dancers: (in no particular order) Catalina Moore, Sam Holmberg, Sage Vickers, Chiara Gonzalez, Logan Lanigan, Erica Cohen, Audrey Lane-Partlow, Dominique Young, Jaide Frost, Carly Lawrence, Courtney Rowe Song: "Not Afraid" Artist: Eminem **NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. WE ARE JUST DANCING TO THE SONG**

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#23 #23
Love the video. Keep up the good work. Proud of you.
#22 Caleb choreography
Amazing choreography by a wonderfully talented choreographer.
#21 Awesome
#20 Caleb
Great job caleb I hope u win.
#19 Brilliant!
I love this video and The musicality that’s in it !!!

#18 Amazing Work!!!
I just love this piece so much!!! So very talented and absolutely love the meaning behind it and inspiration! Best of Luck!! ❤️
#17 love
the turnout is amazing !! loved being apart of this
#16 Very inspirational
Great piece and hearing your grandmother was your inspiration makes my heart melt. I want to be that inspiration for all my family members.
#15 Anita
I fell in love with your concept of the piece! I can tell you put a lot of thought, time, and energy into this work! Absolutely stunning!
#14 Awesome piece
This is an amazing piece!! Loved watching it over and over!! Great job!!!!!

#13 LOVE
Beautiful piece!! I love this!!!
#12 Wow!
Awesome job everyone, and good luck Caleb!!
#11 #11 Soooo awesome!!
Crazy talented!!
#10 Amazing
Amazing piece! I loved it!!! Great work to make it all come together!
#9 Amazing
This is awesome 🔥🔥! Love it ❤️❤️

#8 YES!!
Thank you for letting me help make this happen!! Turned out amazing!!
#7 Thank you!!
So grateful to have been apart of this ❤️
#6 Love it!
Such talent
#5 #3 Audrey
¡So cute!
#4 Amazing !
Everyone in front and behind the camera did great! Keep up the good work ladies.

seriously so amazing!!! love it!!
#2 Amazing
Love this beyond words! Beautiful work!
#1 Thank You!!
So thankful to get to be apart of such a brilliant and meaningful piece!
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