Music by Aldre Williams This was a piece performed at the Studio School LA spring choreography concert. I hope you choose to delve. Best, Angel Inniss

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award CompetitionOLD
Category: Performance
Keywords: Delve, Los Angeles, Angel Inniss, Studio School
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Overall rating: 5.0
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#11 Delve
Creative. Fluid.
#10 Delve
Such artistry. I loved it!
#9 Beautiful!
So proud of you! This is such a beautiful piece.
#8 Wonderful
This piece was really wonderful and lovely to watch and the music as a perfect compliment to beautiful moves.
#7 Loved watching this
This is beautiful. Congratulations. So much talent!

#6 Absolutely Beautiful
Wow. The choreography and composition of this dance was intriguingly beautiful in such an authentic way. Delightful and refreshing to see such a wonderful combination of dance styles, diversity, and dancers surrendered wholeheartedly to the movement. Excellent work. I would love to see more of this.
#5 RESPLENDENT!!!!! Brava Brava Brava
This cosmic abstract representation of love's complications is brilliant. Looking forward to more from this choreographer / dancer. BRAVA!!!!
#4 Beautiful
I enjoyed the choreography! it was unique, it captured my attention. Love it!
#3 Beautiful Artistry
Such a beautiful masterpiece and story! So much talented behind the work and within. Truly captivating...
#2 Amazing
This piece is everything and more! Absolutely deserving of a spot at the A.C.E Awards.

#1 This dance is amazing!
The artistry and heart behind this piece is unmatchable. Angel Inniss is truly a one of a kind artist, and every dancer involved in this piece is beyond talented.
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