This new piece is an extension of my original work "Broken Chord" (2018). In music, dissonance is a lack of harmony among musical notes, but it is also a lack of agreement between the truth and what people want to believe. Broken Chord displays empty relationships that remain out of convenience. The tension between the pairs is cut leaving them alone. In Dissonance, there is a desire to find resolve whether it is with each other or by themselves. It is an attempt to be content with their broken trust and the awkwardness of moving on. Music: Chopin, Nocturne in C-Sharp Minor Video: Opey Dancers: Kelly Anderson, Catera Burgess, Sarah Greenwald, Kiera Brown, Ciera Nolan, Emma Lambert, Kennedy Phelps, Lauren DeSmedt, Camryn Humpert, Maya Consiglio, Evie Mourtos

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