A piece about keeping all that belongs to a previous time contained to the past while simultaneously allowing to mold to the present. Danced by: Alexis DiDonato, Brianna Setzer, Crystal Rose, Taylor Hanlon, Saniyah Elliott, and Madison Kamme.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award CompetitionOLD
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Keywords: Bygone Contemporary Dance
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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 35
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Wow! Absolutely breath taking
#24 Bygone
So satisfying to see such intricate choreography performed with such ease and grace. Kids to everyone involved!
#23 Bygone
I wish there was more than 500 characters allowed because I don’t think I could describe the way I felt after watching this dance in a million words. All I have to say is bravo! This is some of the greatest choreography I have ever witnessed. Keep up the good work and congratulations on a masterful piece of choreography.
#22 #5 bygone
Beautiful choreography. I love the movement. Tali
#21 Passionate and Powerful
This piece truly shows the passion all dancers thrive off of. When a group of dancers understands the true meaning behind their story, the audience is able to examine their souls and see into their world. The impeccable choreography pays close attention to detail and showcases how powerful moments of stillness can be. It is clear to see the impact this piece has on its viewers and how it inspires others to create works of power and passion. Great job to all involved in the process.

#20 Deep movements
This is a moving piece! Those dancers are great and the choreography is interesting and shows a real depth. Thank you!
#19 Bygone
So beautiful and inspiring to see a group of young dancers come together to share what they love. This piece contains heart and soul, which reads more than just tricks or legs. I love this.
#18 #GreatDance
Awesome choreography!!
#17 Bygone
Beautiful piece! Amazing job Kristie, I’m so proud of you!
#16 Bygoneeee
This is one of the best dances I’ve ever seen! Such great dancers and beautiful choreography ❤️

#15 Flawless
Most beautiful dance I have ever seen! Amazing choreography by Kristie Tavormina!
#14 Stunning!
What a gorgeous and intricate piece. I love all the accents with staccato intertwined with smooth legato notes. You can tell how much the dancers rely on each other and together create a stunning story. Bravo!
#13 Breathtaking
This piece has a way of making your breath stop with the powerful movement juxtaposed by its intricacies and subtle moments capturing each crease of the music. The pairing of brilliant choreography and talented dancers really elevate the piece as a whole allowing the message to read effortlessly. I could watch this time and time again. Congrats!
#12 Bygone
Beautiful! Outstanding choreography + Amazing dancers = An unforgettable piece
#11 Bygone
This dance is just one example of the amazing choreography Kristie has done. So good I could watch it over and over !!

#10 Bygone
I love this piece so much! The choreography and movement quality is amazing! Message understood through movement and choreography!!
#9 Bygone
Amazing group of dancers and an amazing choreographer !!! 10/10 !!!!!
#8 My favorite dance
Literally chills! This choreography is incredible and the dancers are amazing!!
#7 Bygone
Love it!! Great job!!
#6 Bygone
The gift of being able to be in this peice and work with the amazingly talented Kristie Tavormina is something I will cherish forever. Her ability to create is like no other. It is such an honor to have her as a mentor, Great job Kristie!

#5 Bygone
such talented choreography and dancers. So amazing!!!
#4 Bygone!!!
Best dance such amazing talent and beautiful movement!!
#3 Kristie
Kristie is incredible gifted. How lucky are these dancers to know and move with her. They are all so talented.
#2 Beautiful choreography
I love seeing all the different shapes and forms your choreography takes. This one was executed beautifully!
#1 Bygone
This was an amazing piece! The intricate choreography really read and I understood your message loud and clear! Leave the past in the past and only allow the lessons learned to create your present. Great job Kristie Tavormina !
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