Queen of Dryads Rehearsal

Rehearsal April, 2008. Sara Michelle Murawski.

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#10 What a blessing!
When excellent training mixes with dedication and fabulous genes, the outcome is spectacular. It's inspirting to see you dance. I would love to see some petit and grand allegro,too. Thank you for posting your rehearsals; they are quite inspiring.
#9 wow
amazing but you have to be care ful you have a very flexible back
#8 absolutely amazing
out of this world control and beautiful!
#7 breathtaking
amazing control. great technique.
#6 ahhh!
i cant breath! that was soo beautiful. i love love love love your extentions. im more a arabesque muscle person then alasacone. but beautiful.!

#5 Great!
That was incredible! You are a beautiful dancer with pure talent!
#4 amazing
You have breathtaking control and extension. This is lovely and I know you will go far and be successful in ballet.
#3 =]
breath taking!
#2 :)
Beauuuuuuuutiful. That was just awesome. I'm sure you have a great future in dance!
#1 WOW.
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