I hope to "Rock Your Soul"

Nicole Gilbertson Age 16 Moorhead, MN Contemporary Choreographed by: Nicole Gilbertson

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Added: May 15, 2008
Category: Performance
Keywords: Nicole Gilbertson 16 rock your soul contemporary
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Overall rating: 3.0
Votes: 7
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#5 I liked it!
you're a very grounded and beautiful dancer! good job!
#4 ...
your invited to dance on cruise ships?
#3 Loser below
wow...like your an good, seriouly...i don't see you getting invited to perform on cruise lines and winning competitons...wow...grow up.
#2 Boaring
Lots of running and waiting to do the next overly dramatic mood. needs less running and more moves and footwork. you dance like you weigh 500 pounds. when you jump you are sooo close to the ground! learn to float when you dance. if you invited me to your performance i wouldn't come.
#1 Lovely
LOvely dancing.......perfect.... the dancing goes so great with the music, great job
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