Corner of Your Heart

Choreographed by Nicki Loud. Performed by Trilogy Dance Company.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition
Category: General
Keywords: dance-teacher-summit
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Overall rating: 4.6
Votes: 102
465 points


#28 Love it!
You guys are awesome!!! love you all! ~kaelani
#27 Mesmerizing!
What a beautiful piece. You have an amazing gift!
#26 Great
Best of Luck. ACL
#25 Wonderful!
Nicki, you are very gifted. I love watching your choreography. This is excellent!
#24 Love the details
Beautiful pictures! I really appreciate all the small details.

#23 Beautiful
These young ladies are both talented and enchanting to watch. Only compaint is that it was far to short.
#22 Beautiful
Absolutely amazing! Trilogy is such a fantastic company!
#21 Beautiful
Absolutely amazing! Trilogy is such a fantastic company.
#20 ...
woah woah woah. i love the connections. brilliant.
#19 Gifted!!!
Nicki, you are a gifted choreographer and I feel blessed that you can share this with so many people. The ideas that you have in your head blow me and every choreographer I know.....AWAY!

#18 love this dance!
saw it at the competitions-its amazing!
#17 deserves it!
amazing!! well beyond first place :)
#16 The Best Dance Ever
Nicki you are an amazing person and you are so good at being great teacher and u rock !!!!!!!!!
#14 Beautiful:)
all i have to say is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible choreography Nicki!!

#13 Love it!
I wish I could be in this dance! It is lovely and I know this is sappy, but it is in a "corner of my heart!"
#12 Best Yet!
Every single movement is very significant. The song acts like a narrator and tells the entire story! Its a very interesting piece. Good job Nicki Loud for constructing this piece. And Well done Trilogy Dance Company.
#11 Watch closely!
It's even better when you see it in person, I've seen it at some competitions, and the choreography is amazing. I don't know if everyone notices but within the dance they make a bed, a clock and some hearts, it's really cool, so watch closely because if you do it's even more beautiful! Good job!
#10 Really Beautiful
So beautiful! Thank you for sharing...
#9 Speechless
This dance is amazing!! It flows so well with the dancers! and the choreography is amazing!!! how could you not love it??

#8 fantastic!
this is such a beautiful piece to watch! i loved it. great dancers also. This choreographer well deserves first place! just amazing!
#7 Very nice!
I have seen this. It's beautiful.
#6 :)
This dance is the type that one will never forget... :)
#5 Just Awesome
What an awsome choreography! The movements just flowed so smooth. Well done!!!!!!
you girls are so great at what you do! great job :) Nicki did such a great job on the piece, great song too! i love you guys so much, your looked up to by so many people because your amazing, beautiful and talented :D lovealwaysss, ken

That was such a beautiful contemporary piece! The movements and choreography was incredible and draws the viewer in! I love Ingrid Michealson as well. Ahh I just cant get over this piece! It is defintely one of my favorites by far!!! Good job girls!
#2 Absolutely Beautiful!!
I love this piece! The choreography is brilliant, fresh and engaging. Thank you for posting this on here for everyone to see. The girls performing this piece are amazing and incredibly talented! Great work!
#1 I don't know....
It SEEMS like you are all very talented, but when i watch lyrical, I like to see more togetherness. This just looked like it was a whole bunch of solos put into one routine.
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