AWAKENING (Chris Jacobsen)

Chris Jacobsen Choreography - AWAKENING...performed by the NorthPointe Dance Academy Dancers

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Added: June 8, 2009
Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition
Category: General
Keywords: NorthPointe Jacobsen Contemporary
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Overall rating: 4.7
Votes: 199
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#34 Stunning
Another incredible piece out of Chris Jacobsen. The dancers are perfect for the choreography. Good luck, Chris, you deserve this.
Nice CLASSY piece. Beautifully done by the dancers.
#32 Excellent
Great Job....Beautiful!!! Bryn
#30 Lovely!
Well Done!

#29 A Breath Of Fresh Air
Purity and intent of movement emerge to create a timeless piece of brilliance.
#28 OMG
#27 AWWW
You girls are so amazing!! I love watching you dance:):):) I love you all!!!! Love Vanessa
#26 heyyyy
hey chris this is madison from tinas!!! i ♥ this dance it is reallllly cool and amazingly awesomeee
#25 Go NDA
From UL

Hey!! It's Abbie! This is AWESOME!!!! NICE! :)
#23 A breath of fresh air!
your choreography is inspiring - well done to you and the dancers!
#22 Beautifully timeless
It's beautiful, Chris, and will stand the test of time like all great pieces.
#21 so beautiful!
this is gorgeous, so talented!
#20 Amazing!
You have always been my fave!

#19 A TIMELESS Piece
This is pure genius ... the choreography, the staging, costumes, music (ahhh!), love the canons ... a timeless classic that would please any audience any time in the past or the future...
#18 Nothing Special
It's so "10 years ago" competition style.
#17 Wow! Wow! Wow!
Beautiful. Love to watch. So proud of you all. Judy and John
#16 Wow....
Christopher this is STUNNING!!!! Love it all...this movement is beautiful and so well thought out. Love it and love you! Brianne :)
#15 Chris You're Extraordinary
Beautiful job Chris...this choreography is wonderful. Would love to see it in concert! Sue (from ADX;o)

#14 Good Job!
Lovely - well done from start to finish!
#13 Stunning....
Chris...You never cease to amaze me...it's brilliant. And the girls look amazing!!!
#12 "Mother" thing
Gosh, it's great to follow instructions and vote for such an awesome group.
#11 WOW
So lovely
#10 Wonderful
You all never cease to amaze.

#9 unbelievable!
You girls are amazing. The choreogrpahy is beautiful..to dance to that song with the difficult timing...wow!
#8 Hi Sweetheart!!
I loved your choreography...it was very heartfelt.
#7 your blossoming more as the years go by
graceful swans you have there chris,another job well done,eddie
#6 breath taking
Very good this is one of the best dances i have ever seen!
#5 Absolutely Beautiful!
Amazing choreo and very talented dancers!! Love it!!!!!

#4 Sweet Energy Serene
Electric extensions and compassion in movement! Well Done!!! Rick,Iza and Mikaela
#3 Lovely
Beautiful choreography! Well done! Love your work Chris. Mama Ann <3
#2 Beautiful!
This choreography is breathtaking and the dancers are very well trained!! Nicely done!!
Beautiful ladies! Thank you Chris! gorgeous dance! Love, Barb
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