Choreographer Tawnya Kuzia - Crushed

Choreographer Tawnya Kuzia takes 11 PACK Dance Company members through the experience of being crushed at prom.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition
Category: Performance
Keywords: PACK, Kuzia, Tawnya Kuzia, NCDA, Nor Cal Dance Arts, Jump
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Overall rating: 4.8
Votes: 375
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#87 Crushed
#86 Major props
niiiicccee job ladies! i felt the passion and thats why it was very very very fun to watch! you girls are such individuals too as dancers yet its still all flows as a team. Genius choreography!!
#85 whoa
i got serious chills in a good way. original idea. nice work to everyone and great choreo!!!!!!!! beautiful
#84 PACK
the girls looked so amazing! tawnya did a superb job with the PACK. your dancers have so much talent and have you to thank for it! MAD ILL BIATNEY
#83 Killer Work
Really amazing! I was telling Christopher about it and he agrees. Great work!

#82 Rock!
You rock!!!
#81 Good~
#80 oh no!
Heck ya!!! oooowwww!!
#79 oh no!
Heck ya!!! oooowwww!!
#78 love
Yeah!!! Loving it, Loving it!!! whoop!

#77 Sick
Awesome dance skills. Good job Tawnya Kuzia!
#76 Good
This was good. very good. Too good... but ultimately still good.
work ladiess. LOVE YOU GUYS.
#74 Crushed
#73 Nicole's Dad

#72 work!
bravo =] awesome choreography+great dancers= CRUSHED
#71 Crushed
#70 whoa
wow this is Natashas dance team! you guys are awesome. the dance is sick!!
#69 Crushed
UHM, awesome Dance!!!! I love the intensity levels and the use of support for each other. I can hardly wait to see what else you create. I am very proud of you and these girls!!! Well Done
#68 WOW!!!!!!!!!!
Wow Tawnya!!!!!!! that was awesome, crazy, and wild. I TOTALLY LOVED IT. Your girls are talented. The choreography was sensational. You got my vote. Shebbie

#67 chilly! and hot!
that was the most amazing thing i have ever seen. oh. my. gosh. you are amazing!
#66 wow
Way to go
#65 Wow
This is fantastic
#64 Woah
I've never seen a dance like that. Amazing work Tawnya Kuzia!
Fantastic job, the girls look amazing!

#62 wow
you girls are amazing!!
#61 =]
Mind blowing!
Crushed is AMAZING dance!! Good job!!!!
#59 Legendary
Bro Code #: Thou shall watch and vote for Crushed. Because it is legen.....wait for it........dary!
#58 Love It
How do you improve on can't. DONE

#57 Awesome
You can see the crispness of the moves as well as the joy. You can't do much better then that. We all can strive to be this good...I am actually in tears.
#56 oh yeah!
Shrimp loves it if i love it then everyone one should vote! ha
#55 Crazy
This dance always excites me. Great job Tawnya! You worked them girls hard!
#54 From Texas
I live in Texas, and I was roamin the internet for new routines that I could empress upon young minds. When I ran into this, words can not describe the passion that is expressed in these dance moves. Bravo, Bravo!
#53 pack
amazing dancer and amazing Choreography by tawnya kuzia!!

#52 Crushed
Amazing job Tawnya! The girls worked it!
#51 speechless
Fierce ladies! Love it Tawnya! After all the hard, long rehearsals, you guys definitely deserve to win this contest hands down!
#50 amazing
favorite dance you did an amazing job tawnya!!
#49 Impressive
We look at the dance to impart the sensation of living in an affirmation of life, to energize the spectator into keener awareness of the vigor, the mystery, the humor, the variety, and the wonder of life. Great job Tawnya!!
#48 crush
I am constantly amazed by your choreography. So much visual interest here. Thanks for sharing

#47 Outstanding
The PACK keeps getting better and better each year!
#46 Absolutley Amazing
these girls are amazing dancers, with absolute TALENT!!
#45 crushed
at was amazing way to go girls
#44 crushed
Great job Tawnier!
#43 PACK
Wow awesome! go britster!

far by the best i've seen. you guys deserve to be one of the winners whoever you girls are. amazing talent. MAJOR PROPS TO THE CHOREOGRAPHER!
#40 crushhhed
whoooooo! intense =]
#39 U R Boiling Rock
Tawnya, you have done an amazing job, keep up !!!!!
#38 Brilliant!
Great work! you guys rock!

#37 Amazing
Wow Tawnya you amaze me!!!!!!!!
#36 Get it!!!
Wonderful Choreography!
#35 Awesome job!
Tawyna this is a great video, we"re so proud of you, watch out New York!
Amazing, Tawners! Unbelievably fierce!
#33 You Rock!!!
Love this Choreography!!!

These girls are insane! the choreo is amazing also. i respect the whole piece definitely and loving the dresses its just the cherry on top to the whole thing!!!!!!
#31 Tawnya Kuzia
WOW!! Impressive!
#30 YoU RoCk
#29 Tawnya Kuzia Choreographer Extraordinare
I'm very PROUD of you Tawnya! Your CHOREOGRAPHY is DYNAMIC!! You are talent to be FEARED!!!
#28 Crushed
Tawnya.....A GREAT routine and job. Papa Martin

#27 PACK
fierce choreo tawnya! AMAZING
#26 NCDA
Miss Tawnya is the best!! Great job PACK, NCDA ROCKS!
#25 Crushed
Great Job! Keep up the great work!
#24 the best
Tawnya good job with the dance, and the daners are amazingg!
Keep up the GREAT work, Tawnya! These girls are amazing. Your choreography and determination pays off! Work it!

Great Job, Tawnya! These girls are awesome. Keep up the AWESOME choreography work!
#21 Crushed
This dance is Amazing!!! Great job Miss Tawnya!! Fantastic job dancers!!
#20 wow
#19 crushed
#18 Crushed
Good job Tawnya, the girls looked amazing!

#17 PACK!!
get rugid!!! this choreography is awesome!!!
#16 Crushed
Love the choreography, Tawnya. The dancers look awesome!! Great job everyone!
#15 Great Job
Love it Tawnya!
#14 I Love it!!!!!!
Good job Tawnya!!!!!
#13 awesome
that was so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!cool costumes!!!!!!!!!

#12 Bugg u rock!!!
These girls are awesome! NCDA is AWESOME!! MY BUGG IS THE MOST BOMB!! :)
#11 Crushed
Awesome!!!Fantastic job by Tawnya Kuzia and the girls did a awesome job performing it.
#10 PACK
get it!!!! that is some fierce choreo tawnya!!!
#9 the pack
ok when you got it you got it
#8 Dumped!
Beautiful Dancer!!! Great Choreography!!

#7 CRUSHED!!!!!
THank you Tawnya! You did a great job of teaching us!
#6 the PACK
#5 Amazing
That is some great Choreography. Tawnya you did an awesome job on this piece.
#4 Amazing
Tawnya, great work the girls looked amazing!
#3 Wow, Wow
Tawnya Kuzia! good job, Your girl's are fantestic

#2 That's hot
That's hot!!!!!
#1 Crushed
These girls are AMAZING! Just two short years and WOW! Tawnya Kuzia has unbelieveble talent that she is sharing with us! Keep up the GREAT work!
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