Another Version of the Truth

SHADOW/Light Pre-Professional Contemporary Dance Ensemble (Staten Island, NY) "Another Version of the Truth" Choreography: Matthew Westerby This piece was filmed as a work-in-progress in the studio. The work has now been developed and the work is now a complete work for 9 dancers. SHADOW/Light Pre-Professional Dance Ensemble (Artistic Director: Kari Williams) gives student dancers the opportunity to work with professional choreographers and gain insight into the working world before embarking on professional training. With an emphasis on technical training, artistry and performance, the Ensemble is proud to be educating the dance artists of the next generation. Matthew Westerby (choreographer) is a modern dancer originally from the UK. Since re-locating to New York, he has danced for Nai-Ni Chen, Risa Jaroslow, Dusan Tynek, Kenny Larson, Bronwen MacArthur and Peter Kyle. His work has been presented at DNA, Movement Research, BAX, the Evolve Festival and at Covenant Ballet Theatre of Brooklyn, as well as venues throughout the UK and Europe.

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