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Hey there :) thank you for watching my dance. I want to begin by saying that dance is my passion. I literally live and breathe the art form and dream of performing all the time. From choreographing to technique to performances I spend majority of my time in my dance studio and love every moment of it. The opportunity to travel to the MOVE9 convention would be unbelievable. The staff members who are a part of it are all so captivating in the dance and choreography world that working with them would seem like a dream come true. TOKYO and Emily Shock are two choreographers that I only hoped I would get to work with and their pieces have helped inspire me and helped me take my choreography to the next level. I believe that dance is a journey that one never stops learning and growing. By participating in the MOVE9 convention my performance and choreography skills will flourish, allowing me to share my knowledge of dance with my students for years to come and helping to shape the future generation of dancers. Thanks again for watching and please vote! :)

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#2 wow
that was reallt great...keep it up!
WOW! the choreography and dance was fantastic! :)great jobbb
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