Teen Hip Hop to "Feedback". Mid West Dance Revolution in Branson, MO

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#9 ummmmm
i dnt take hip-hop but i had to do a hip-hop dance cuz my studio went and preformed in disney this year. I felt really awkward.And this does'nt look very hip-hop and you guys are dancing really awkwardley!!Sorry this was'nt good at all
#8 good song
good song, the dance was kinda boring
#7 um...ok lol
i take hip hop and i can tell for a beginner to intermediate class that that is good choreography BUT it wasn't nearly hard-hitting enough and you weren't low enough in your legs...commenting on your personality through your face isn't fair game though. Hip hop has a kind of rugged look about and the video's kinda blurry so it might of looked better if the video showed clearly what your face looked like lol
#6 ummm
there was no passion or anything.. this is kind of boring to watch.
#5 uhhh
not good at all

#4 choreography
choreography isnt fitting all of the accents in the music. There could be so many more hits and sharp motions throughout the dance.
#3 good but....
the moves are great but the dancers dont look enthusatic. the song is sooo fun and in ur face but some of the dancers dont give off that attitude. keep up the good work though!!!!!
#2 Hmmm
It was ok but it wasn't that original.
#1 General
This was a Jazz routine with a few Hip-Hop (?) moves thrown in. No Flava', too many people out of sync to many times.
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