Beauty From Pain

Academy of Dance and Performing Arts Lyrical/Contemporary Beauty From Pain Wenatchee Wa 98801

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#11 Viewers Choice August
This was the Viewers Choice for August.... So where is it on the "best of 2009" voting????
#10 Voting
I have been trying to vote for this dance as Video of the Year but do not see anywhere to vote. Can you enlighten me?
and also...that is very offensive to the choreographer...unless you are som big whig choreographer i suggest you keep that opinion to your self :)
I want to start by saying that this dance should not be PAINFUL or boring to you if you were any type of mature dancer you would be embracing the fact that other dancers share the same passion that you do its not about the negative comments its about sharing the passion of dance and of movement with others through this website its not for downgrading other dancers there is more technically correct movement in this dance than most comtemporary pieces the girls. Constructive Critism; look it up.:)
#7 how incredibly boring!
wow this is pain all the way!

#6 wow
this si soo aweosme. i love the spiny thing
#5 Amazing!
This dance is amazing. I see how the prop represents the pain, metal, cold and unyielding while the dancers represent the beauty. The choreography is awesome and the girls do a great job!
#4 nice!
i loved the "flowy" aspect of this dance. i didn't exactly get the point of the prop...but it was cool anyway. the song was also a good choice. nice job!
#3 Fantastic
" love love this dance..."

#1 incredible!
i love the dancers, the choreography, and the prop! so awesome!
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