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Competition jazz duet choreographed and performed by Ashley and Brittany Zelano at DanceMakers Inc. regional competition. The duet placed 2nd in its category and qualified for Nationals.

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Overall rating: 2.5
Votes: 8
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#4 Wow
Costume is definitely good for the song. Try to work on stretching your feet a little more. Overall great!!
#3 loooove it
i love this dance, just, maybe next time, wear the same type of shoe. you guys were awesome, but i couldnt tear my eyes away from the shoes after i noticed it.did you choreograph the dance yourself, or did you do it in the studio? overall, other than the shoes, VERY good job and your great dancers.
#2 Thanks (:
the girls are ages 18 (the one without bangs) and 13 the one with. and we attempted partnering and such but the sizes of the girls are soooo similar it made it very challenging. thanks sooo much for the critique's!
#1 Cute costume
Good choice of costume, very appropriate for the age! Would like to see more interaction between the two dancers. Remember it is a duet and their needs to be a reason of why you decided to dance together. Maybe some more partner work would help enhance the choreo. Also work on control and "finishing" our movements (stretching the limbs out from the body to the fullest). Keep up the good work. What are the ages of these girls?
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