Gavin DeGraw

Myself dancing in the studio... Dedicated to DLM

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Event: 2009 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: General
Keywords: male lyrical boy guy Gavin DeGraw More Than Anyone ballet
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Overall rating: 4.3
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#8 Question reply
Guys and girls can apply for the Cover Model Search! This year we had two female finalists and our first ever male finalist, so we definitely encourage everyone to enter! Good luck!
Good luck! You're great! 5*
#6 question
hey. quick question. can guys apply to do this model search thing? because it seems like only girls end up getting picked for it. just wondering and love this vid =]
#5 Good
I really enjoyed watching this video. You are a strong dancer and i love how fluid your movements are together. Great technique. I don't really like the song but the choreography was great!
#4 Not bad...
You're a good dancer with excellent technique - I'd hire you if you came to my audition. But the music/choreography was a bit corny and cliche. You would do really well working with professional choreographers.

#3 Wow
WOW that was awesome, you really inspire me along with many others i am sure!!! Thanks!!!
#2 Breath Taking!
That was absolutely amazing! I was taken at the very beginnig and couldn't stop watching you! Keep it up and you will go far...
#1 Really good....
This was an amazing're an amazing dancer <3
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