Chaoreographed by Gabrielle Barnett & Megan Amitrani, Fallout won Overall Production Number at Starbound Competition and High Score Production at Starpower. Performing were Barnett Traveling Troupe Mambers of the Kathryn Barnett School of Dance in Red Bank, NJ. In addition to offering dance classes, Kathryn Barnett School of Dance is the home of Say Dance Collective Professional Dance Company

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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 11
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#17 Fallout!!1
i <3 this gabrielle and megan...great job to the choreographers and dancers!!!!
#16 thanks <3
Thanks everyone who comments on this dance! I'm so proud of all my girls!!
#15 Stunning!
I loved this dance so much. The choreography is amazing...Great job Gabrielle & Megan! This is just a beautiful dance. Gets me everytime!
#14 Fall Out Dance Video Performance
"What a completely passionate perforance! I had goosebumps from watching the dancers' facial expressions as well as their body movements. Fall Out is truly a tribute to our soldiers! It brings out so many emotions for us as Americans and touches people of many ages. My nephew who just turned 9 saw the performance and cried. It was his favorite. He is so proud of his aunt Jessica!" Way to go girls!
#13 absolutely amazing
I was apart of this dance the first year it was performed and I only wish I was able to be apart of it last year. This dance makes me cry everytime I watch it. The message is expressed brilliantly and the choreography is stunning. Amazing job, Megan and Gabrielle for choreographing such a moving piece. Great job to all of the dancers envolved as well

#12 fallout
a truly amazing dance
#11 fallout
this was an amazing dance and i really enjoyed being apart of it. Everyone I know who have seen this dance or was apart of it was greatly moved by it. :] good job everyone!!
#10 Fallout
It’s impossible to watch this and not be deeply moved by it. I get chills and a lump in my throat every time I watch it. The outstanding choreography and the incredible performance by the dancers is truly haunting.
#9 Fall Out
It gives me chills every time I see this dance. The music, choreography and the dancers are so moving. Well done by all who were invovled in the making of this dance!!
#8 Powerful!
Wonderful and fantastic. Beyond dance, it embrasses the message and evokes such strong emotion. Well done! Thank you.

#7 Fallout
I'm very proud of the choreographers
#6 fallout
This was an amazing collaborative effort from two very talented individuals who created a moving, inspiring piece for all to enjoy. The dancers also were amazing! Kudos to all involved!!
#5 Fallout
Amazing performance.
#4 Fallout
I actually saw this performed at competition..unbelievably moving, amazing choreography & beautiful dancing! Evoked such strong, deep emotions from people in the audience-literally saw tears in the eyes of many. Bravo to the dancers & choreographers involved!!!!
#3 Fallout
So emotional...wonderful acting in the choreography

#2 P.S.!!!!!!!
sorry... iforgot to say, that last comment was from Stefani Sciametta!!!!!!!!
#1 best dance ever!!!
hey!!! i was the first one to vote and rate this dance!!!!!! Fall Out- gabrielle barnett and megan amitrani
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