Asia Bui YAGP NY 2008

Asia Bui at YAGP in NY 2008. Junior Contemporary Competition.

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Event: Dance Spirit Future Star of the Month
Category: Ballet
Keywords: Asia Bui YAGP 2008 pointe solo junior contemporary competition
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#13 It's Arianna!
You are so amazing Asia! We still miss you here at ABS!
#12 yagp
I've competed before and I know how nerve racking it is to get up on that stage and dance your variation. You did MUCH better then me!
#11 Let Go--You're Beautiful
You have beautiful lines and technique. I feel while watching you that you are trying so hard to be perfect that you are keeping yourself from the "abandon" this piece seems to express. While in class, focus on technique--while on stage, let it go and trust that your technique will be there for you. In fact, I feel certain that if you let go of some of the control, you will be even more wonderful.
#10 great dancer
I think you have an amazing technique, however this is a beautiful piece of music and i dont feel you was moving to it as well as you could. and thoughout the routine your smile seems just a little forced. However i think you have great potential. keep on dancing!
#9 the way u dance
you are an amazing dancer with. You can go as far as you want in the world of dance

#8 Beautiful Lines
I am not sure how old you are, but you dance with such maturity. Your lines are beautiful and you make it look very easy (which is what you want!). It looks like you are ready for more demanding choreography. Stay healthy. I think you have a bright future!
#7 Fernando Bujones award winner
She is wonderful and such a beautiful ballerina. Her training is impeccable and she is definitely someone to keep an eye on in the future.
#6 Beautiful
This girl is very talented ballet dancer and beautiful too!
#5 Shes amazing
i agree this dancer is beautiful and a well trained dancer
#4 Shes amazing
i agree this dancer is beautiful and a well trained dancer

#3 I like her!
Actually I think she is very well trained. I have watched this dancer and her studio over the past few years and they have consistently placed among the top ballet dancers in the country. For her age, her technique is very good. Her turns are more than one rotation and her balance is very good. I think she is a beautiful dancer and is one to watch…
#2 Explanation
I'm sorry I said under-developed dancer - you are a beautiful dancer. You do belong on point - but the routine just lacked any spark. Your elegent, nice lines, but just no "wow" factor. I may be a 'tapper', but I've studied ballet also.
#1 Keep Dancing!
Seems like a very young, under-developed dancer that shouldn't be on point yet. All extentions were held for only .2 seconds, spins lacked any speed and usually had only one rotation. Nice lines... dancer just needs to hold longer extentions, learn to spin faster/longer, and continue practicing and learning.
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