Antoine Hunter and Cara Page in Sins Invalid 2009- Express the Risk Of a Deaf MAN

Hey everyone, You know it was beautiful working with Sins Invalid 2009. Many years ago, I was told to work with them but when i asked people about the Sin InValid it was clear people said some strange things about them. Someone alway performing naked or whatever. Te feed back was alway negative. Until I saw one DVD by one of my friend-it had Leroy Franklin Moore Jr in it. I began to watch the DVD closely and deeply. By time the DVD ended I was blown away. My friend said SEE naked?? I thought to myself naked..... AND-The man is disable and you dis him because he is happy speaking his truth about his experience living as a man with disability - a person dealing with sexuality and want to explain people how deep this can me. It was mind blow to watch Leroy express himself. Leroy Moore is a Black writer, poet, hip-hop\music lover, community activist and feminist with a physical disability. He is the co/founder & community relations directoy of Sins Invalid. I wanna be like him. The man inspired me to get out there naked. Of course I could take off my clothes and show what my life been as a deaf person but get people to see me inside out but I had a different style of reaching people. We all have a different style or ways to reach people or inspire them. Some may sing, some paint, write, dance , rap and so much more. I want to take a minute to say thank you Sins InValid 2009-you inspired me to stay the person am. I hurt my hip and my back went out before the show, I couldn't barely WALK AT ALL!!! I did not want to give up and no one get the message - I had something to say to the people-I wanted them to learn what I saw and learn what a deaf people go through-I wanted to teach other deaf people it ok and they too can reach their dream-thank you Sins InValid for give me the chance to share the message to he people — to the world. They came and saw me dance and then told me I had to work with them - it was a blessing!Those who missed the show - I tell you make sure you never miss their show again- these are one of th best company I ever worked with- They are honest - fast- open minder- hard working- supportive, and so much - Ms Patty Aint no joke who is Directing Sins Invalid 2009- I thank her for her strong tough love- she made me feel blessed to be in her show while she beat up to work- I know it was crazy show-for me and I could hurt my body even more when i dance on it knowing my back was in bad shape and my hip was really bad-couldntcouldnt barely walk but It was a RISK - THAT I HAD TO TAKE- Merce Cunningham is one of my Fav Icon-He alway switch the dance with the music — sometime use the dice to pick what dance to do and which music to dance to. This dance had 6 different music — all 6 track was very different-I thought hmm which music should i dance too-so i said I don't need to pick the people pick and if i dance off beat ohh well at least people will know the truth - IT AINT EASY BEING DEAF - A person had to roll the dice to give me a music track to dance to- and this what happen Antoine Hunter dances and Cara Page MCs at Sins Invalid 2009 at the Brava Theater in San Francisco on October 4, 2009 The Name of the Dance is Called RISK!

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#1 amazing!
this is so beautiful- your passion, drive and skill is remarkable. thank you for all of the valuable work that you do! keep on dancin!
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