This is a video of 8 year old, Claire Codding dancing the solo, "Rodeo." She performed it in November 2007 at Kids Artistic Revue competition. She has been dancing with our studio's dance company, JK's Dance Company for the past 3 years. She is such a doll and loves ballet and performing!!

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#22 Great Job!
She is the best 8 year old dancer ive ever seen. She could work on her hands and pointing her feet but other than that shes great!
#21 AMAZING!!!
Ok, there is no way she can be only 8 years old!!! And. be able to do really good quadruple pirouettes!! When I was her age, I could barely hit one. :D She is also so much fun to watch. It was impossible for me to keep from smiling because she's so unbeleiveably adorable. I can alreasy tell she's gonna be in some major ballet company when she gets older. Keep up the amazing work!!
#20 sooo cute!
Shes so cute! great technique. Its great to see a ballet solo, there arnt to many of those these days. Great job!
#19 so sweet
your legs and piroettes are so clean your amazing!!! you have such a good stage presence...if you want to be a dancer when you grow up EVERYBODY will want you in their company
#18 i wish
i wish i started this early. she is so cute! and im jealous of her pirouettes(if i spelled that right) theyre so clean!

#17 Amazing!
You are so good! I can't believe you're only 8. I am so jealous of your pirouettes. I can't even turn that many times! Keep up the great work!
#16 abt
ABT is calling you tiny tiny ballerina! i promise if you keep dancing ABT (american dance theatre) is gonna WANT you!!! lol.
#15 awww
aw sweetheart your so cute keep dancing! look at her face! she looks so passionate about dancing and very happy! but omg your extenstions and technique for a little one like you is amazing cutie! keeeeppp dancinnn! dancin' beauty
#14 UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!
no way!!!she can't be 8.she is way to seems so likeable now after watching this.seriously!!! great job!!!!
#13 Cute!
I love the costume!

#12 Wow
Great talent! I want to see her dance when she gets older! She'll be really good. And she also looks so happy!
#11 Future Star
Foundation is extremely important. Don't push too hard for complicated steps. Back to the foundation, I think her teacher knows what I'm saying. Especially her little shoulders.
#10 so cute!
claire is one of the sweetest people on the face of this earth. that smile isn't fake. if you knew anything about her, you'd know that she saves that smile for when she is truly happy. that's when she's dancing. she lights up a room and she just so happens to be the only 8 year old i know that can hit four turns perfectly. please don't hate on the little cutie. she's good. amazing actually. i love you claire
#9 Amazing!!!
Claire, you are so sweet and genuine and talented! You are so great in this dance as well as every other dance I've seen you in!!!
#8 OMG WOW!!!!
i love the choreography. Great movements!!!!!!!. and i agree with maradance!!!!! i am doing ballet and see movements that i am learning how to do, at the age of 19, and Claire is great!!!

#7 claire
is pretty much one of my favorite people. so please dont talk bad about her. she's 8 years old, full of charisma, and dances as though it's her last. she loves to dance and saying she's "brainwashed and cheesy" just makes me want to punch the wall. if you knew her as well i do then you will obviously know this and everyday that i see her, she puts a great big smile on my face. i love you claire(:
#6 Awww
Adorable. Simply adorable!
#5 Luv Ya!!!
Hey Claire! You are such a beautiful and talented dancer! Keep up the good work!
#4 person with rude comments
I just want to say that noobinator1 has some issues with attacking little girls. This person also commented my daughters video and made rude comments. Just want to tell the teacher and choreographer of this routine that it is very cute and impressive for her age. I enjoyed it and please don't let the rude people get you or your dancer down.
#3 In response to omg comments
As her teacher and choreographer I have to respond to the criticism by saying that she adores dancing and the smile on her face is always genuine. She works extremely hard and loves it with all her heart. She is not a "brainwashed, cheesy" dancer. She is at class because she wants to be there. She is on stage because she wants to be there. I have danced for many classical and contemporary companies and I would never train a dancer inappropriately or push them to be a "cheesy" competition dancer...ever. I have trained numerous dancers, and she is very talented and skilled for such a young age and the choreography was meant to display her talents. You are entitled to your opinion but this site is meant for positive critiques and comments to help the dancer.

#2 omg
the last thing we need in this dance world is another cheese brainwashed little competition dancer!!! "Lets try more turns and give it a really fake smile this time" says the teacher
#1 very
amazing. so much talent at a young age.
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