BellyDance Freestyle

BellyDance Freestyle (so Goofing Off lol)

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check out Kassandre Renee @
#6 Thank You!
thanks to everyone for their love and support! ~Kasse
#5 wow!
that stuff really isnt easy to do... you definately have a future in belly dance IF nothing else... good job!!! ... i also like the slight fusion of hip hop in there... very nice!
#4 multi-talented...
well now arent you just quite the talented dancer... what is this now?... lyrical, modern, AND bellydance... whats next?! ... keep on dancing and i cant wait to see more!
#3 talent.
you are purely talented in every area of dance. it suprises me how well you do everything. you are very good at freestyling, which is a rare talent indeed. Go get em tiger!

#2 to teenten:
first of all freestyle and improv are just as big a part of dance as anything else and its part of having fun and enjoying dance... 2nd its obvious you are not knowledgeable of this style of dance but to clue you in: isolations are big part of belly dance such as abdominals, ribs, chest and YES including hips and pelvic please keep your uneducated comments to yourself, i find them uncalled for... thank you.
#1 quit voting for yourself
the booty shake was uncalled for. if your just "so goofing off" then please quit posting
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