"Animal Instinct"

Title of Piece: Animal Instinct (human nature meets animal instinct) Genre: Modern Music: "Riots" by A. R. Rahman Dancer: Kasse Choreographer: Kassandre Renee

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Overall rating: 3.6
Votes: 374
1,336 points


check out Kassandre Renee @
thank you to everyone who has shown their love and support this month... ill cross my fingers and hope for the best now! ... have a happy new year!!! ~Kasse
good luck!
#24 thats my big sister!
good luck kasse
#23 luck
good luck!!!

#22 good luck
i like your style... good luck
#21 the other little sister....
wishes you luck!!! GOOD LUCK! ~Sidney
#20 i love my big sister!
good luck! i love you sissy!!!!
thank you all for supporting me! i appreciate it soo much! i am so blessed! ... ~GOLD DANCE CO~ ... did you find me on facebook first? i tried to email you but it returned it... PLEASE email me at with audition details! THANK YOU!
#18 good luck!
good job! and best of luck!

#17 good luck!
good luck!!! i hope you win!!!
#16 we want you! (lol)
hey if youre interested in dancing for a company email me at
#15 good luck!
good luck to you! hope your dreams come true! ... props for going after what you want!
#14 .
good luck
#13 good luck
i have recruited all my friends to vote for you! good luck!!!

#12 ...
good luck
#11 on facebook...
i saw your post on facebook a couple of times for dancemedia so i thought it was about time to check out my "competition" (lol) so here i am finally watchin your videos and now i can see why you are so persistent... you have done very well for yourself... good job and good luck!!!
#10 nice!
i really like that this is different... i love the quality of movement as well as staying true to the integrity of it all the way through... nice job!!!
#9 Good Luck!!
looks great!! wish i could dance haha J.T.
#8 no life for teenten
haha-I'm blessed to have a girl who's not only super talented, but is a good hearted mature person as well...what pathetic lives people like 'teenten' must lead, so worthless and retarded they have to spend time putting others down, what a waste of time and energy...but you put so much time in to developing something positive that you're passionate about. your husband loves you, both moms are proud and you know there are 100s of PCC students and friends across the U.S. supporting you beautiful!

#7 good luck
looks good, good luck!!!
#6 :D
Good Luck!
#5 to teenten:
i dont know you and based of your comments i dont think i really want to but please keep your rude comments to yourself... a little friendly competition never hurt anyone so please behave... were all just trying to have fun and gain an experience..
#4 be nice!
hey! what happened to "if you cant say something nice, dont say anything at all" ?! dont worry, keep on dancing... not everyone can be positive and happy with themselves they have to take it out on people who dont deserve it... you are amazing!!! good luck!
#3 no
not a cover model. wouldnt rep DS well...

#2 Raw.
beautiful and raw! Thanks for sharing it with me. Good luck Kass!
#1 instincts
instincts are great...however, my girl is the BEST!
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