Human Nature -meets- Animal Instinct

Title of Piece: Animal Instinct (human nature meets animal instinct) Genre: Modern Music: "Riots" by A. R. Rahman Dancer: Kasse Choreographer: Kassandre Renee

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Overall rating: 4.7
Votes: 112
525 points


check out Kassandre Renee @ www.melismaticmovements.webs.com
#6 thank you!
thanks to everyone for their love and support! ~Kasse www.TinyDancer211.webs.com
#5 Good Luck!
looks great. keep it up! J.T.
#4 Awesome Kasse!
You are such an amazing dancer and performer, I love watching you! I know that you are going to go far! Remember what your teacher says about your dancing! You inspire us all. Thanks for dancing Kasse.
#3 wow!!!!
my sister is amazing and dedicated!!!! i love you, good luck!!!

#2 to teenten:
i really dont understand your need to attack me ...but if you actually take the time to read the rules of these competitions it clearly states that it does NOT look down upon entering multiple comps... and i dont know why you are so concerned with me anyway... maybe you should be more concerned with your life instead of attacking a complete stranger..? just a thought...
#1 not a star
you really shouldnt enter every contest.
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