Sugar Plum Fairy

This is me dancing the Sugar Plum Fairy variation from "The Nutcracker"

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Event: 2009 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: Ballet
Keywords: Grace Tilley ballet pointe Nutcracker Sugar Plum Fairy solo
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Overall rating: 4.4
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#26 problems with video
same here i really wanna see it too!
#25 ??
hey u guys, do u know why its not working for me? the video stops the second she takes her foot off the floor!
#24 argentina
cmo sabes si ella es de alla, porq no dice nada... ojala q sea de alla, yo soy de argentina.. !
#23 Perfect
That was amazing! You looked perfect. It seemed like you were from a dream or something. I would love to dance the sugar plum fairy like that someday... and I disagree with the people that said it was too repetitive. That's how it's SUPPOSED to be. It's how classics are! Anyway, you were beautiful. Really inspiring. The part was perfect for you.
#22 argentina
increible cuantos años tienes¿

#21 awsome
dude, that was really good!
#20 brovo that was beautiful
you make wish i a plum fairy
#19 Beautiful!
I love watching this video! You are very graceful and your technique is wonderful. I hope you never stop dancing!
#18 I loved it!
I loved this piece. its my favorite one i'ev soloed in. I was so fascinated to watch you dance it. so graceful and elegant. beautiful form too! NICE JOB!
What a great and lovly dancer you are..

#16 Yes!
Beautifully trained, I really enjoyed watching this, you were perfect for the part! Thanks!
#15 !!Love it!!
This is a joy to watch! Good luck:)
#14 pretty
you did a beautiful job
#13 great
well done. u look like u know what ure doing.
You were great on pointe and have really nice form! Just maybe try to not be so repetetive!...

#11 Fantastic
your turn out is great! You look delicate and fit the part tremendously!
#10 Smiles!!!
very nice! the floor is so distracting to me though!
#9 Gorgeous Dancer!!
Beautiful port de bras Grace! You have become a beautiful and talented performer!
#8 beautiful
I disagree with whoever said "a little too much flipping of the wrists". I think you dance beautifully!
#7 Beautiful control
I love how well placed you are. You roll through each step on pointe beautifully. You are very well trained. you make this piece look effortless.

#6 Lovely
A little too much flipping of the wrists, but other than that, it was beautiful!
#5 Good Luck!
I hope you win it Grace! You dance beautifully...
#4 Excellent!!!
Wow. You really made me believe you were the Sugar plum fairy.
#3 My Little Sister
You look beautiful Grace:)
#2 Nice
Good choreography and you have beautiful lines. A little slow on the music sometimes, but very pleasant to watch.

#1 Nice Job
You were kind o doing the same thing over and over again but that is not your fault and you still made it look good.
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