Paquita -- Allison Garcia

Allison Garcia 19yrs allisonp_garcia@hotmail.com

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Event: 2010 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: Ballet
Keywords: paquita ballet allison garcia variation pas de deux
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#10 ...
thanx...the studio is Ballet Clasico Alina Abreu...in Santo DOmingo, Dominican Republic
#9 Beautiful
Everything was amazing, those fouettes where impeccable. I would love to see the complete variations. I would also like to know where's the academy.
#8 wow
you have the ability to jump very high, i saw that in your jette's like wow...however at the begining you were not reaching your maximum height from what i could tell
#7 Vieja
Locaaa y tu ta participando para el cover search omaiga Rompete la pata xD eso es muy cool yo tengo dos revistas de los ganadores pasados :P
#6 You're beautiful
I love your commitment and passion. Technically I see so much potential in you.I love your foettes (sp?).They would be even more wonderful if you would fully extend your leg a la seconde before pulling into your next turn.Make sure your teachers are giving you sound technique and not just getting you to do the "tricks".Look at the students around you.If you are the best, you have been given all the school has.IF that is the case, go where the students are better than you so you can reach gold.

#5 !
dang that girls good!
#4 xD
love it...
#3 ;)
very good...
#2 ...
nice turns...
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