The Nicest Thing

Choreographed by Mandy Moore for Joanne Chapman dancers - Brittney Fitzgerald, Dayne Hamilton, Alisha Lucchese, Christina Sinopoli, Alex Woodwark, Madeline Wright

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Event: Dance Spirit Video of the Month
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Keywords: Nicest thing Mandy moore joanne chapman
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Overall rating: 4.0
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#5 amazing
Ummmm...clearly amazing
#3 amazing
this dance is amazing i love it!! .... fist pumps for sure ... great job ladies!
#2 Beautiful!
This choreography is so inspiring and relatable! Such a nice use of prop with the bench. The dancers look beautiful and they move with conviction. Way to go, girls!
#1 ok???????
this is a dance that i would watch twice i want to see dances that make me wanna see them over and over agian!
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