Intermediate Centerwork on Turns - The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique Level 4

DESCRIPTION If youve never done a pirouette, or are having trouble turning, this is for you. You begin slowly, making half and full turns on two feet (assemblé soutenu); next, you make a full turn slowly on a flat foot (promenade); you add movement to the extended leg (grand rond de jambe) in another promenade; you will identify the muscles that turn your plié; and finally you will practice pirouettes en dehors and en dedans, concluding with a pirouette in the attitude position. Finis shows each exercise, Saige does it, Finis analyzes and corrects, and Saige repeats. After youve done the exercises in this video, youre ready to work on Finis Jhungs Pirouette Class 1. Now, who said you couldnt turn? CUSTOMER COMMENTS "The way you structure the turn exercises is wonderful - I can really feel the balance and the turn. The exercises are slow but deliberate. I 'saw the light' when you said push onto the standing leg when doing assemble soutenu. I especially like the part where you show how to stay down in demi plié before going up to pirouette." - Chooi Chin Liew, Adult Student / Lecturer, Singapore, Singapore Purchase the Intermediate Centerwork on Turns DVD at

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