The Art of Teaching Turns - Finis Jhung

DESCRIPTION Your students want to turn. You wish they could. Well, they can, and they will. Now you can see and learn the "secrets" to dazzling turns. Whether it's a male virtuoso finishing 9 turns on demi-pointe or a ballerina doing 4 on pointe while raising her arms, it all comes from the preparation. Finis begins chaînés turns for beginners, and gradually progresses, step by step, to the advanced level on pointe. Exercises include a slow promenade that teaches the most crucial elements of the pirouette preparation; simple pirouettes en dehors and en dedans; en dehors turns in large poses that travel across the floor; en dedans turns in poses that travel; and then Cheryl puts on her pointe shoes to show you piqué turns en dedans and en dehors; fouetté turns and a traveling combination with leg changes. Notice how Cheryl improves with each correction that Finis gives. There is method to this madness. CUSTOMER COMMENTS "I have already shared some of your tips on turning with my students (both youngsters and adults.) If only I had a photo of their faces when they perform that first turn successfully while applying your concepts - the expression is priceless!" - Pilar Doheny, Pacific Dance, Irvine, CA "Finiss ability to make turns make sense is amazing. Instead of restricting the students, he enables them to do it naturally. Thank you, Finis." - JP Christensen, The City Performing Arts Academy, Visalia, CA "I had great success right from the start, incorporating your theories on teaching pirouettes. I am seeing more stability, confidence, and cleaner finishes. This is especially true of en dedans turns, which I have found to be problematic using other teaching methods. Each time I watch this video, I am pleased to discover more subtleties of your technique." - Rhoda Lichy, Teacher, Allégro School of Dance, Rochester, MN Purchase The Art of Teaching Turns DVD at

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#1 I am a big fan:)
As a ballet teacher, I am a big fan of Finis Jhung...
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