The Art of Teaching Barre - Finis Jhung

DESCRIPTION Finis and Katie go through all the basic points of teaching barre, from beginner thru advanced. He tells you everything hes observed in 35 years of teaching pros and amateurs in NYC. The bottom line is, youve got to have a leg to stand on. Most teachers tend to focus on foot positions and the working leg; therefore students develop poor habits which weaken the supporting side and consequently the center work. Here are The Rules of Barrework which will help you avoid common mistakes and enable you and your students to get the most out of the barre. This detailed, comprehensive guide to all the things you and your students need to know will give you the "teachers eye" that sees problems before they happen. Learn to see what really matters. CUSTOMER COMMENTS "The clarity of the ideas, the rooting out of the essential in The Art of Teaching videos is amazing. It has helped me immensely to focus and to get to the root of so many other problems. It is just like a shot in the arm. So thank you Finis from myself and all the Parisian dancers for your generosity, brilliant analysis, and intelligent approach. I find my self stimulated and renewed and practically run to the studio each morning because I am so excited about sharing your marvelous ideas." - Wayne Byars, Professeur de Danse Classique, Paris, France "I have been re-viewing your 'Art of Teaching' videos several times, and each time, I hear something new. Your teaching methods are so progressive that the student and teacher constantly have new elements with which to work. Your concepts take everything to a new level. Your techniques are very natural, thus very liberating, allowing the dancer to become the dance." - Melinda Delgado, Ballet Instructor, Montana Ballet School, Bozeman, MT Purchase The Art of Teaching Barre DVD at

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