Centerwork on Turns and Jumps - The Finis Jhung Ballet Technique Level 5

DESCRIPTION This Class is so much fun! Finis shows and explains each exercise, Saige does it, Finis corrects and coaches, Saige does it again. When it's needed, Finis has Saige try a step several times so that it's very clear to the viewer (and Saige) what needs to be done. Besides the technical "how to" information, Finis gives examples of musical and artistic choices that make the difference. With each exercise, it becomes clear that as you learn and perfect your preparations, you'll get the results youre looking for. The centerwork proceeds from working on pirouettes at the barre through grand pirouettes en dedans to new jumps such as balloté, balloné, entrechat royale, grand fouetté en tournant, and grand jeté saut de chat. You're going to watch this one with a smile and hope in your heart! CUSTOMER COMMENTS "Thank you - thank you - thank you! Although (unfortunately) we cant all be dancers, these instructional videos that we can watch and digest at home, at our own pace, can probably help most of us to stand, place ourselves, look halfway human, and feel at least somewhat stable in our attempts!! I have decided to order another batch of your marvelous videos - surely there cant ever be enough 'pointers' for me!" - Linda Tao, MD, New York, NY Purchase the Centerwork on Turns and Jumps DVD at

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