Connecting Movements Sideways & Forward - Finis Jhung

DESCRIPTION How is it that some dancers are so graceful and relaxed while executing even the most complicated and quick movements, while others look as though they have two left feet? It's because "good" dancers naturally connect their movements. Their linking steps really do intersect, cross over, and are joined to the following step in a single movement. This groundbreaking class with Finis and Jennifer shows you how it's really done. Problems be gone! CUSTOMER COMMENTS "Bravo! These are the best and most informative videos I've ever seen. Your work not only reinforces what I know, but helps to inspire and guide me in new directions. They are wonderful!" - Patsy Swayze, Dancers Studio, Simi Valley, CA "Your videos are a wonderful teaching tool! I can't tell you how thrilled I am with these videos!" - Shelley Morinsky, New Dance Workshop, Lansdale, PA Purchase the Connecting Movements Sideways & Forward DVD at

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